Sarah Heinzl – New Horizon Community Care

Sarah Heinzl

Sarah is a Licensed Associate Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling.  She is pursuing her Doctorate in Behavioral Health (Clinical) at Arizona State University.  Sarah has experience working with an array of individuals including high-risk youth, LGBTQ+ communities, and diverse populations. She believes in empowering others to improve their lives by utilizing a self-initiative approach.

Sarah uses a variety of modalities based on an individual’s strengths and identified needs.  Everyone is at a different stage for change therefore therapy must be tailored to where the individual is at.

Sarah utilizes collaboration and a whole-person approach to therapy.  Therapy is a collaboration between the individual and therapist in order to identify goals and barriers to achieving them.  Once identified, it is important to integrate a holistic approach that can decrease barriers, empower the individual, and ultimately support them in achieving their goals.