Michael Israel – New Horizon Community Care

Michael Israel


Michael Israel, MSW received a Master of Social Work degree through Walden University. Prior to this, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Michael’s focus after undergrad was to become a homicide detective. However, a move to New York in 2006 changed that career path as he began working in foster care. It was in foster care where he discovered a passion for working with children and families. Since this change, Michael’s experience as a therapist began in 2014 when he moved to the Washington D.C area. He has experience in working with children and families with children ranging from 6-18 years old from multi-cultural backgrounds.
Michael’s areas of focus include working with children, families, and individuals who experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), various types of trauma. He is committed to working with individuals through all walks of life and is an ally to positive.
Michael also utilizes his counseling skills to help clients who struggle with lack of confidence, negative thinking, self-forgiveness, and build self-esteem. He acknowledges that individuals are the experts of their own lives. “I believe we need to need to discover and hold on to self-love.”