SPIRIT Program – New Horizon Community Care

SPIRIT Program

The SPIRIT Program serves young men and women who have identified a desire to work towards developing a healthier lifestyle.

New Horizon Community Care provides the necessary support to the men and women of the program that will assist in their development and goal setting.

The goal of the SPIRIT program is to focus on meeting our clients where they are and help them build the skills necessary to work towards and accomplish their goals. We believe that as clients learn to overcome personal struggles and setbacks, they are able to better focus on their education, employment, and long term goals.

Mentors work collaboratively with treatment teams and community resources to aid clients in reaching their goals, strengthening their families, and becoming productive members of their community.

Strength. Purpose. Independence. Resiliency. Integrity. Tradition.

Services Offered

Substance Abuse

Assist clients with recognizing the value of sober living through education, support, and development of recovery skills.

Health & Wellness

We offer a holistic approach to promote spiritual, social, physical, emotonal, and mental health.

Independent Living Skills

Foster independence by identifying and developing skills to be self-sufficient such as budgeting, meal preparation, household management, and how to utilize community resources.

Education Assistance

Provide education in both individual and group settings to aid clients in obtaining their GED.

Parenting Skills

Educate clients of the physical, mental, and emotional needs of a child and how to meet those needs appropriately.

Employment Development

Provide necessary skills that are relative to obtaining and maintaining employment.

Cultural Awareness

Intercultural competence skills to assist with cultural background, traditions and history. Educated on cultural differences, cultural sensitivity and competence.

Transition and Graduation

We support clients in building self-reliance in order to utilize the skills they have acquired. Progress toward treatment goals is monitored and recorded throughout their time in the program. As clients demonstrate consistency in meeting and maintaining their goals, they will begin to transition out of the program.