NHCC Rocks

As our BE KIND campaign draws to a close, we would like to thank everyone who participated in it. THANK YOU for supporting us and your community by doing kind things, either by performing Acts of Kindness or by donating to the campaign! Your donations help ensure our clients get the best care possible.

Even though the campaign is over, we want to continue to spread some joy and kindness in our communities. As a lasting reminder to be kind, our brightly painted rocks can be found all around the valley!

Please join us in brightening up our communities – Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and beyond!

Join the fun!

I found a NHCC rock! What do I do?

  • Take a photo of the rock and tell us where you found it. You can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #NHCCrocks, and/or on Facebook in our NHCC Rocks group.
  • You can decide to keep the rock, or re-hide it in the same or a different location!

Spread some joy in your community – paint your own rock!

  • Paint a rock in a kind/joyful design.
  • Write NHCC Rocks and #NHCCrocks on it. You can also write a short message telling the finder what to do, e.g. “Re-hide me!”.
  • Post it to Instagram and/or Facebook! You can also tag us with @newhorizoncommunitycare.

NOTE: Please don’t hide your rocks on private property without permission.

Let your creativity flow and have fun!