Kindness Matters

This September NHCC is giving back! Our employees are taking part in our BE KIND campaign.

Each participating employee has their own fundraising page where they will list which Acts of Kindness they will be performing – paying for someone’s coffee, donating to an animal shelter, serving at a soup kitchen, and so on. All participants will share their fundraising page with their families and friends, who will in turn donate to NHCC! Our employees pay kindness forward to others, whether or not they receive donations. The purpose of the BE KIND campaign is to pay it forward, not to be paid to be kind.

The public can participate in the campaign by donating on our general fundraising page. Or you can donate to us directly on our website! All funds raised will be used to help us provide our clients with basic items they need, new clothes and shoes, fun activities and outings. And with the holidays only a few months away, all of your donations help ensure our clients will have a wonderful holiday season.