Frequently Asked Questions – New Horizon Community Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed by the state?

Yes, New Horizon is licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Residential Facilities Licensing.

Do you provide an academic curriculum?

New Horizon residential clients can attend schools in the community or attend GED preparation classes facilitated by a certified teacher. New Horizon works closely with teachers, school administrators, and school districts to ensure our client’s receive the most appropriate educational services.

Do you have a Clinical Supervisor? What are his/her credentials?

We have an amazing Clinical Supervisor, AMee Vermeire LMSW, whose dedication and compassion is unequaled in the field. AMee Vermeire graduated from Illinois State University and completed her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and continued on to earn her Master of Social Work degree. Ms. Vermeire has worked in the Behavioral Health field since 1998 and is currently a Licensed Master Social Worker with the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. In addition, Ms. Vermeire supervises a team of master’s level clinicians that provide various services within each program.​

Do you conduct background checks on your employees?

Yes, all staff members are required to have a non-restricted DPS level 1 fingerprint clearance cards.

What is the criteria for admission? Do you conduct pre-admission assessments? Are they in person, by phone, or over the Internet? Who conducts them?

New Horizon reviews all referrals for appropriateness. All residential clients will first be interviewed in person by a Program or Clinical Coordinator. For specialized circumstances, (i.e. potential clients are placed out of the state) we are able to do phone interviews.

Will you provide an individualized program with a detailed explanation of the therapies, interventions, and supports that will address my child’s needs? When is this done? How often will my child be reassessed?

New Horizon clinicians work with the client’s team to develop individualized treatment plans for each client that enters the program. Any necessary information a client and his/her team member would need in regards to therapeutic techniques and interventions utilized is provided upon intake. It is strongly recommended that clients and their support teams maintain an active level of involvement throughout the program. Each client’s treatment plan is reviewed every 90 days (for residential clients) and every six months for clients receiving outpatient services. Treatment plans can also be modified outside of these time frames if specified by their treatment team.

How do you define success?

“Success” looks very different for each one of our clients. Based on the goals identified upon admission to the program, a client can experience many successes throughout the treatment process as well as on many different levels. Ideally, “success” would mean that our clients would transition from our program having learned skills necessary for them to lead a healthy and balanced life.

How do you discipline program participants?

The New Horizon team does not take a “disciplinary” approach with our clients when they make negative decisions. Instead, we focus on identifying the root of the presenting problem and work with them to help make steps towards healing. Our philosophy is that behaviors are oftentimes a result of unearthed feelings such as anger, depression, resentment, etc. As a team, we will work with the clients to provide the necessary services in order to help them to address these feelings. The hope is that if they are able to start working on the above mentioned issues, these feelings will no longer manifest themselves in acting out behaviors.

What would a typical day look like in the residential program?

A typical day looks different for each client. Though there is a schedule that the residential program follows, each client’s individualized program will vary based on the needs identified by their treatment team. Clients may attend school or a GED preparation program while other clients have completed their GED or obtained their high school diploma and hold jobs. One component of the program that all residential clients participate in is scheduled groups, facilitated by clinicians and BHT’s.

I don’t have services started for my child can I enroll my child myself?

Currently New Horizon does not currently contract for privately funded clients. We contract with various Funding Sources throughout the state. If you are looking to start services New Horizon recommends to contact your insurance to learn more about your Behavioral Health options, Therapist (if you are currently working with one) or your medical professional.

Does a staff member live in the house?

A staff member does not live in the house. However, New Horizon provides 24 hour supervision in the home which includes an awake staff monitoring the clients overnight while they sleep

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